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People say life is not easy after divorce but I am in such a state where divorce will only give me the freedom from my depression and anxiety of 10 years. Just wanted to know if you anyone here has been through divorce and is it really that big deal like elders say girls life gets spoiled and becomes meaningless after divorce.

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Not always. I’ve seen up close what goes through the head of a person going through a divorce. It doesn’t get meaningless as long as you know the person you are currently with is absolutely not be with. Rest all will fall into place as long as you take care of yourself


Obviously if the marriage is harming you, then getting a divorce is not wrong. Life after divorce - all Depends on you as a person. If you mentally strong enough and ok to live alone, then no worries. But if you are someone who needs a companionship in life, then you can slowly take your time and get married again.

Either ways - nothing to worry.


To be in a toxic relationship,is the worst situation, better to get separated 👍🏻


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