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people always tell me like u can’t be insecure your skinny. So what just because I’m skinny I can’t be insecure every morning I look into the mirror and I’m thinking I don’t wanna be in this body I’m like skinny skinny and sometimes is doesn’t look healthy and that annoys me and I’m flat heard it from multiple people and it hurts like I know I am but you don’t have to point out my insecurities. Same with my nose I wasn’t insecure about it until someone pointed it out like just shut up you don’t know what someone is going through just shut ur mouth already. And I told a couple people that I’m insecure about that, and they were like no you don’t have to be insecure about it. But eventually they pointed it oud to other people and they also started to say like yeah ur flat and stuff like that and it hurts so bad and they don’t even know it. I know I don’t have big boobs I have A cups and im 14 like that’s normal right and my ass is flat and I can’t do anything about it so I hate when someone points it out and I don’t know what to do Anymore

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