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Karam Sethi @karam

Pain; and probably the only reason we hide pain is because we fear that others might not comprehend or relate to us.
It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to express our thoughts, emotions and feelings. Isn’t it?
I have always been reticent of my feelings because I mused that nobody would understand; bottling up eventually became a habit taking a toll on my mental well-being.
I know it feels like you’re all alone and that you’re descending into an abyss, but trust me, you’re not alone. Count your blessings and I know it takes courage to open up because some of us are afraid to look susceptible to others and it’s alright; disclosing vulnerability gives one a sense of courage.
Try. :)

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These are some very good thoughts you have there. I am glad that you are able to understand this and move up with your life. It really takes courage and a pinch of optimism in your life to get going.

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Karam Sethi @karam

thankyou, it sure does and the result is fruitful ^_^


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