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Overwhelmed. Yesterday my boyfriend told he likes something that goes against my values, there is so much going on inside my head and this made was the last thing I expected. I can’t stop thinking about it and I should be focusing on myself, on my studies so I not fall behind. I had no motivation all throughout the year and now all the things I posponed are coming back, it’s suffocating me. I don’t have time to think about what he told me, but I can’t stop thinking of it … How should I react to that? What do I say? If I fall behind people around me will be dissapointed … I had been drowned on my own thought playing videogames all day, everyone watch me … they even are starting to question my lack of motivation, I know they are doubting if I really like the career … I feel like I don’t know me anymore, I portray myself as a totally different person. But it’s hard to me to explain how I feel, to find the words to express all what’s happening inside my head. I feel that if I not speak up for me and for what I believe I’m betraying myself, this is about everything not only what my boyfriend confessed to me. I overthink too much, I over do myself to much, I try to be better I try to do as many thing as possible … and it all ends up coming back to me … and I feel overwhelmed … and I end up doing nothing about it. I lock myself in my head and my own thoughts so I play videogames to keep distracted or I try to be constantly talking to someone to keep acting like this person who is tough and has everything under control …

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:D @pratio


I completely understand you. I’ve been in similar situation quite a lot. I think what’ll help you is talking it all out to someone. So that, that burden will be lighter a lil bit. Also, getting insights from another person over this would help you I think.

If you want to, hmu and we’ll talk about it.

Keep Searching @k33p


It’s nice and sad at the same time to have someone that understand this feeling. I felt way better after writting it down … I really tried to speak with someone but the words won’t come out. I’m used to being reserved and coping with my thing alone…

I’m new on this page so I have no idea what hmu means πŸ˜… But i’d love to talk to you 😊


I feel you, in the same situation right now and literally thnku for giving words to all this thinking that i have been trying to do. I just wanna say hang in there, you overthink because you overcare about everything. I am here for you, you are not alone.


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