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one person- doing same mistake for multiple times
kitni baar hame maaf kardena chahiye…
considering vo aapka bohot achha friend hain last 1 year se.

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Its not a mistake if it’s done repetitively. Its a habit. And you can’t change people’s habits.

Forgive as many times as you can. But if their β€œmistake” hurts you in any way, then forgive and walk away.

One should be forgiving and kind but not a fool.

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Thakur @sajli


Till your mind can handle it. Δ°f you are fedup at the end of becaming frustrated then end it. No further trying… and after thst no going back no matter how much your heart desire.i had same situation. Ny friendship was 3years. He was the best friend ever but he cared to much thst it was suffocating me. Δ° told him and he promised to change but he nver did .he became sort of syco so i stop talking to him. He tried every way to talk to him sometime i want to talk yo him but i stop myself thejrs is no going back no matter what


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