One day you’re going to meet someone who will love you unconditionally, accept all of your shortcomings and make you feel that you’re worth having. One day, someone out there will save you from loneliness you’re feeling right now and show you that in this life, we can be happy and be over the clouds if we want to. One day, someone will travel for hours just to hold you close, feel your presence and make you feel that you are worth travelling for. One day, someone will never get tired of loving you, pacifying you when you’re angry until you become okay, feed you with your favorite food and be your best friend at the same time. One day, this someone will walk down the aisle for you and prove that you don’t need perfect relationships, you just need to be contented and be grateful for what you have. This someone will be excited to spend the rest of his days being your lifetime companion.
He will come, just be patient.
— E.J. Cenita

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Avni @avni

Yep, and while that manifests,lets enjoy and celebrate ourselves!

Sejal Sharma @sejalsharma

Beautifullll :')

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aks__akshita @akshita0960

Let's talk........!!🙆
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