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Once upon a time I was so motivated everyday at work at everything.
Nowadays I have no interest to do anything.
I push myself to clean home, go for walk, cycling, try messaging and everything.
But i rarely get anywhere. I have not been able to do any work at office either. I was a rockstar just 2-3yrs back.
I feel so lonely and utterly blank in my life. I have have money, job, good health and people who care(or at least act so). Still don’t know what is the reason behind my thoughts.
what is the goal of this life? Ain’t we all just a good meal for worms for few days at the end?
I feel I am done living. should I go and see therapist?

Post anonymously?

Thrpy is always a great idea, and yes is the " end" just worm food, bag of meat on a ball of dust, however it is what’s in between


I say try to think of a goal to set for yourself. Maybe a dream vaca, a new car, or maybe just spending time with your friends other than that I think a therapist would help a lot
Anyway Have a nice day!!


maybe thinking alot or overthinking could be a reason for all your feelings…
Maybe life has got too mundane for you…
Why not try something new something exciting
Why not just follow a hobby…
Anything that sounds thrilling to you…

Your life is very precious.n you too know it that you are blessed in many ways
So pls dnt feel trapped by your thoughts.

I feel u can help urself out of this situation.
Atleast try it
If it doesnot work
You may see a therapist
Because it is ultimately you who will have to accept the therapy for it to work…

One way to feel happiness could be to give happiness…
Try to bring a smile of someone’s face…
U have written u have money
Why not become a volunteer at some NGO
U can try to help some poor ppl…
There are so many underprivileged ppl suffering around us
Help someone…

You know the sole purpose of life is to live life to fullest without quitting…
No matter how harsh or cruel life gets
U must not give up…

Good luck to you friend
More strength,power to you.
God bless.