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Okay so I’ve never been considered a “normal” child, at a young age I was diagnosed with OCD and potential bipolar (which was correct as I’m currently getting tested for it now). And I found that doing drugs stop those symptoms even if it is for short periods of time, but it’s like I’m not me anymore and that’s what I love. However I OD (Not intentional) and next month it’ll be a year since that’s happened and I got a proper shouting at which was fair honestly. But people think I’ve been clean since then and I haven’t I still do drugs and I just feel like I’m lying, I mean shit my mum thinks I’m no longer mentally ill when really I’ve just gotten better at hiding it. Sorry I know no one asked but I needed to tell someone

Post anonymously?

I would also just like to mention that I’m only 14, and believe me I know that I shouldn’t be going through something like this at this age