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Ok so my moms getting married to my step dad in December. My stepdad is nice but sometimes hes rlly hard to talk to(trust me when you talk to him from day to day you’ll prolly get annoyed sometimes) but I know my moms happy abt this and idk why im not. I don’t wanna tell her that im sad about this though what should I do?

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Piya @piyakaurbajaj


I am just offering you a suggestion. I think that you do want your mom to know about how you are feeling about your step dad. I think that you should go and talk to you step dad directly about how you feel. Let him know you respect him and tell him what you feel, why hurt you and let him know that you want to build a happy and stable relationship with him. I hope this helps :)

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Simran @st1199


Dads always have been tough to deal with. You need to watch your words in front of him and can’t argue. Usually, this is the scene with many dad’s but there are also some with whom we can talk like friends.
So, if this is the case not to worry about although tell your mom how you feel about the whole situation and she can help you out.


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