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Ok, so I already told everyone this story. Now, I’m going to bluntly honest about what I did.

I called my sensitive friend stupid. I know she’s sensitive, but I really regret it. It was a joke you know? A joke that friend usually do around each other.
Then she cried. I told her that I meant it as a joke, and I didn’t mean to hurt her. But she cried, and she went to the teacher, and then I got in a LOT of trouble. I apologized, as sincerely as I could, and we made up. But I still feel sad when I think about it, since teachers always actu biased around me after that incident, like they think I’m some heartless bully bullying the sweetest student ever lived.
Am I just imagining it?
Please tell me your thoughts.

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Here are my thoughts on this (from my experience).

We all have those times where we act out of impulse and we don’t get to think about the things we’d do beforehand. And the end result is usually unpleasant. I’ve had a similar experience as yours with my siblings and friends. But the important thing is you reflected and thought the action was not good and you are sincerely sorry for it, and especially your friend forgave you. I would tell you that what the others think of you should matter less, but I know it is bothering you.

You are a flawed person, you make mistakes but importantly, you learn from them. Show them you are not what they “think” you are. That you are not a “bully”. You are more than that, more than the mistake you did, and that one incident shouldn’t entirely define you as a person. <33


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