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Ohh yes! Or should I say, ohh no, I believe now God exist. How do I know that? Let me tell you.
I ask him some good things for me. No result.
When I ask him to punish me or make me suffer. Intant results are shown. One of the example is below-

I have the worst luck in the universe

Yesterday, my brother gave me a number and told me to call him and pick him, when I called, the number came unreachable, tried calling 10 times, the number was unreachable, I told my brother, we checked the number to see if it was correct, it was correct. I tried calling again, still unreachable. Finally my brother called, this time it rang, my brother looked at me angrily, I was speechless. The moment my brother hung the phone, I called the number and it literally rang. 😐

So these experiences made me believe in God existence.

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I think it could just be a co incidence…not tryna justify what happened…but sime days are not in our favor…it takes time to get things in place…


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