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Galexia @galexia

Nothings feels more frustrating that not being able to express yourself well or that no one understood what you really wanted to explain. This happened me now and LORD it really puts me at the worst.
We had to give a spontaneous idea for theater and no one was giving any, only me and my friend. I didn’t liked that much the idea of my friend, but I obviously respected it. No one was deciding, and more people came to help decide. This is when it gets tricky.
I felt really nervous for the sudden crowd, and couldn’t explain my idea very well. No one was convinced, so they decided to stay with my friend’s idea. And it fucked me up, but it wasn’t bc my idea was not choosen but bc I felt misunderstood. I felt and feel very frustrated and angry at myself, I really want to run away from here and punch myself for this but I have to act like I’m fine bc otherwise they would believe I’m angry at my friend and that’s NOT what I want, bc I don’t feel like that at all. It sucks how bad I communicated, I feel very powerless rn all my energy evaporated to the clouds

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hi Galexia. I agree with you that there are times when you have a great idea but you are not able to communicate it very well. I believe this happens when we don’t have it planned out well and don’t have all the points in mind. It’s a very good idea to write down your idea, with proper planning and structure with basic points mentioning and explaining it. This gives YOU clarity and helps you explain it better to other people.
I’m telling you this so that you can do so next time you’re in such a situation. It’s okay that it happened once with your friend, don’t fret too much about it. Try to work on how to make it better next time.
If she is your good friend, you can maybe try to discuss this with her as well. That might take this feeling off your chest and you might feel better and less frustrated.


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