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Not a good day.
Since lockdown me and my family are living together in one flat. Day by day it’s killing me from inside. Why do parents think they know everything about the world, when the reality is they don’t know shit! They don’t know what’s actually going on with their child because of the stupid Indian patriarchy where kids are shy talk to their parents about their life. Literally, my parents think they have the pass to do anything or comment anything on their own kid. Doesn’t matter if it hurts the child or not. For example:- today I just requested my dad a simple thing. β€˜Pls don’t send picture and videos to my phone everyday as my phone is piling and no space is left for storage.’ just a simple request and he got offended. My whole college work is on my phone and I need it everyday for assignments! And bc of this little argument it turned into something major problem and mum took his side it all became a fucking mess. I’m done. My heart says to move out for higher studies. But they were clever. They knew if I would’ve been taught chores then I would’ve never come back. That is why I’m still under them. Right now I’m sitting in my room weeping and writing this. Pls do tell me what to do. Because it sucks to feel stuck inside your own house.
Also, I know there are way bigger problems in other families which I genuinely respect and I’m praying for them. β™₯️

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