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Feels as if I’m never going to feel okay anymore and I’m failing to keep up with life

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Same @mariyagts, same…it just feels like we’re getting older, people we love are getting older, we will never get a carefree childhood/'young’hood[if you know what I mean] back, it’s a sinking ship feeling all the time. I don’t know if the choices I’m making are correct. I don’t know if I’m working hard enough to have the life I want to have…sorry for my own rant, but GOD YES I RELATE WITH WHAT YOU JUST SAID


I agree, ultimately it becomes this struggle to balance out what it is that the heart wants and what does the head think is right. Maintaining a balance between living a little carefree life but also not ignoring one’s responsibilities. It’s a tough one, an endless conversation perhaps, with each other, and also oneself. I guess that’s what life is all about…


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