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harsh yadav @hopeful_camer...

Never ever go in an Online relationship. Recently I had so much to cope up with and was like meddled in between two idiots. I was cutting his hand all day and the girl was talking to me for 6 months she didn’t even let me know that there is someone who is this close to her and she was with him while being with him she was talking to me also. Although she never accepted my proposal she said she need time and blah blah and I was such an idiot that I believed this shit. She blocked me yesterday without any reason and today was his boyfriends birthday I somehow connected to him. And that idiot is mad for her he just whatever she did I don’t know you just be away from her. I am his boyfriend you know it. blah blah what type of people live on this earth god damn. Best advice is don’t go for a relationship just if you find someone attractive not in social media but in real go to her propose her be a friend. Nothing else and if you find out she was cheating just be away from her. No issue.

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harsh yadav @hopeful_camer...

Fourth line he was cutting his hand.


Good… u got to learn new thing this year. Be positive.

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harsh yadav @hopeful_camer...

It’s not about just a option it’s about she is sleeping with is in living relationship with him and then also I am asking everyday if you love someone if there is someone in your life she is lying again and again.


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