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Need advice… My boyfriends younger brother has a girlfriend. She has absolutely no manners, raised in a barn. She doesnt know how to say hello, bye, thank you… We’ve gone to dinner before and my boyfriend paid for her and his brother and she did not even say thank you or bye when parting… We all went on a weekend get away to my boyfriends vacation home and she didn’t even thank his parents for welcoming her in that weekend with basically free sleeping and eating that weekend. Before leaving the vacation home everyone was running around and cleaning except for her, she just sat there and stared at everyone until my boyfriends mom said something for her to help clean… It’s common sense to help out and clean especially if you see everyone else doing it. If you didn’t know where to start she could’ve asked anything I can help with… Instead of sitting and on her phone… when leaving I always thank my boyfriends parents for welcoming and having me. She left without saying bye and thank you to his parents my boyfriend and me. Then his mom asks me what they left already without saying anything? Since then I’ve seen her 2-3 times after all that and every time I see her I don’t even bother saying hi or smiling to her. I just pretend she’s not there, since she can’t even say thank you especially to my boyfriend when he pays for her. That’s the least she could do. She also has grandparents that she’s been raised and grown up with… Did they not teach her that? I was raised without grandparents but I still know thank you, please, goodbye, hello etc…

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If it’s been going on for a while, I think u should just pull her aside and talk to her. If she says something rude then, then talk to her parents and such, or u can try to convince ur boyfriend’s parents not to invite her because of her lack of manners. She sounds really uneducated and I don’t see what ur boyfriend’s little brother could see in her. Maybe talk to them both and figure that out before it goes any further?? Just a suggestion…

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