My younger brother has dyslexia and i can see him having trouble in school. But my parents don’t understand. They feel that he is just “acting out” and not behaving properly

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Saitama @saitama

How old are you? Can you take your brother to a psychologist? A professional diagnosis might help your parents understand.

Steffi @steffi

Professional help is the best option, even good for your brother. He would understand himself too


I will take him. Thankyou Saitama and Steffi

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SOMETHING @littlelord125

I have dyslexia in numbers my maths is worst and parents also thinks that I am just acting out 🤷‍♂

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It's like life is locked in a container
Now what to say🥲.. Alag hi passionless jiwan jee rhe hai. Motivation mil to rhi hai pr kam me nhi lga pa raha.. As if khud pe control hi kho chuka hai..In$ta delete karne ko sochiRead more

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Now what to say🥲🥲 kya batau.. Alag hi passionless jiwan jeRead more
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Zealous @aidinghearts

Hope Can Repair Every Damage Done by God and Sins.

Natalie @cant

I don’t think I’ll ever have a good sleep schedule
I m very much dissapointed with my family.
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Some @somecorrections

Try to find out what is that you need healing from.just sayiRead more