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Archive @purplesky7

My social anxiety is causing me to feel lonely. I want to be able to talk freely. I want conversations to flow. But I fear being judged/mocked. As a bullying victim in school, it made me go completely mute. I want to change. Any tips?

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Now u r in college or still in school? Who bullied u? The students there.

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Himanshu ji @himanshu_69

Try to feel that you are the bigger one in your area like college or school, you will see a drastic change and it will come into your habit

No one @splendid_quirky

I’m also a victim of bullying during my school daysas a result i became an extreme introvert…and i can understand your anxiety issues. I had gone throught that phase of my life and i am trying to over come it step by step… you too can do it. Just believe in yourselves

Vishu Joshi @better_bed36

Share your fillings with with someone who doesn’t recognize you

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Bhavna P. @bhavna_pande

Taking the step to open up about your social anxiety takes courage, and it’s the first stride toward healing. Many people I’ve connected with have shared similar struggles, so you’re not alone in this.

Here’s a tip: ease into conversations with small talk, maybe with someone you trust, focusing on shared interests. Celebrate every little win along the way.

If you ever feel the need for more support or a safe space to talk, my counseling services are here for you. No judgment, just understanding. Reach out whenever you’re ready, and remember, positive changes are within reach.


I can totally relate to this, a few time back i had the same problem, i even feared messaging people. The best thing that can happen at this time that you have supportive family whom you can share this with. Sadly in my time they weren’t that supportive (i dont blame them it was new for them as well). so you’re not alone please keep this in mind. but the only person who can make this better is you. If possible try texting some of your friends whom you’re comfortable with, try having a small conversation , trust me you’ll feel a lot better and it will give you confidense that you can. Take the smallest steps like go out. smile at someone you know. The only person that can help you out of this is you. and you’ll do it.❤️

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Nomad @fighter453

It’s ok you’ll learn to manage it over time focus on things that matter if you want to talk to someone you can. I am available.


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