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My mom works as a tailor from home. We have two rooms and everyday we have a bunch of customers and her friends gossiping. It’s very inconvenient that I can’t watch TV, have rest, use my own room, and have a peaceful environment around. I don’t let my mom know about this because I think she might get hurt.

There are some people, especially our neighbours who comes everyday. As if they get paid making attendence here. It’s so annoying and frustrating. They talk out loud even if I’m taking a nap in next room. I don’t understand why some people don’t have this common sense not to distub others or at least come at the right time.

Can anyone help?

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SREE @sreejit

Your mom only can help

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PRINCE @prince3

Go outside.


Talk to your mother. Nothing wrong in that. You rightfully need your privacy and space.


Look at the good side. Most ppl go crazy being alone. So many people visit you and yet you’re complain’in
I know it might be annoying.
You can just wear some earphone or just don’t talk to them by politely refusing and saying ur studying


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