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my mom tries to help mental health problems but she really really doesn’t and usually ends up making things worse, i love her very much but anytime that i try to bring up something she did that wasn’t good or that hurts more than helps she goes oh no i’m such a horrible mom i knew i was a failure etc. i don’t tell her lots of things because of that, and when i do try she just lectures me and try’s to pin all my problems on a single source when that’s not how it works and that source isn’t the reason at all, i don’t know what to do with her cause i’m pretty closed off when it comes to my emotions when i’m talking with her and she always goes why are you sad and i just say i’m tired cause i never sleep good so it’s a valid excuse. but i’m not sad i just don’t know what to do with her

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Shreya Gupta @shreya


Why don’t you start with telling your mom how great she is as a mother? That will give her a confidence boost. After that, tell your concerns but don’t say that you are complaining. Try to put it as things she can work on or how she can grow as a person. All the best!


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