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My first post here. I’ve been feeling a bit lost lately. My girlfriend lives in the city while I live a fair way away in the country and I’ve been trying to see her once or twice month. But since of the arrival of COVID-19 she has been unable to leave the city and haven’t seen her for so long. I’ve never met anyone I’ve connected so well with and I’ve been really struggling and I don’t see another opportunity coming soon to see her again. I want to remain faithful. Sneaking around is really not who I am but the thought sometimes comes up and I don’t like it. I don’t want to do anything that could ruin what I have with such an awesome person but she’s just so far away. I don’t like that I feel like I could get away with being unfaithful. Ive just been left alone with my thoughts lately and it’s been nice to say something for someone to hear even if no one hears it.

Post anonymously?

Strong bond never fades by distance. Next time you feel like seeing her talk to her via voice call or a video call.

It’s just due to lockdown we are seeing things differently but we have to accept the reality. I’m certain you understand it well and doing right thing by not sneaking around.