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My father is scolding me 24/7. If I wonโ€™t eat what he says he shouts at me, if I wonโ€™t write with good handwriting he scolds, and if I do everything right he will search and find reasons to shout at me. I just want him to say sorry.

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Simran @st1199


Relax. Take a deep breath in and out (repeat 3-4 times, as you read this).
Maybe because he is worried he tends to scold you but it doesnโ€™t mean literally that he does this purposely.
One day when you feel this is the right time, talk to him, ask him why does he does so and what makes him feel this way AND tell how you feel when he scolds you.
Maybe, you both will understand each other and it will be better soon! :)

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Ana Banach @johnthejohn


Dear dushyanth,
Have you told him that you wish he would just apologize?


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