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My family always argued because of money.

Earlier, my older sister and my mother are arguing they are shouting so loud because my mother wants to get the FIRST SALARY of my older sister and they are arguing that my sister is not helping them (mom) and its for my sister future (sister).

I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to choose between them because they’re asking me to choose whose right or wrong.

But for me both of them has their point, I actually don’t want to talk with them because I think they must talk with each other but because my mom always punch,slap or throw things at my sister I needed to be there.

It sucks that I’m in the family that don’t have LOVE. I wish I was in a better family.

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Hi !!; Always remember that many people are lack of family and they are suffering the worst. You are having a beautiful family. Where there is love we always fight there . Each of them have their own point of view , no one is wrong . Be silent. And let them understand each other. Don’t blame them or don’t feel bad for them . Your family needs you now. Be there for them . You handled a lot in your life dealing your own family is not a task for u . It’s your responsibility. Be happy . You are having a beautiful family make them happy too . Be with them.

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Ana Banach @johnthejohn

Dear ell,
I’m growing to hate your family. You don’t have to choose. Tell them that you think both of them have a point, then explain how. Money is simply a piece of paper, and yet people have gone to extreme lengths for it.

You need to tell your parents these things or nothing will ever get resolved. What your mother does to your sister sounds horrific. If she wanted her to help out, she wouldn’t beat her up to the point she can’t comprehend the idea of moving. She needs strength to work, and your mother destroys a decent amount of that strength when she hurts her.

Best of luck.


They block us, they never listen. They think we are not respectful if we answer them, it’s actually a Toxic Filipino Trait. It’s sad and disappointing to have close minded parents.

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Ana Banach @johnthejohn

That sucks. Sorry, I can’t pity you. It’s rude. But that sucks.


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