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My clg lyf is gonna end in a month…missing all ma frnds…i miss my clg…it feels really sad due to this covid i havent met any1 of them since a year…i jz want those days back…now it is getting really hard 4 me…i have started feeling empty,lonely…this lockdown period sucks…i am tensed ki wat will i do aftr a month…evry1 of ma frnds will get busy in their own lyfs…i jz want them to be wid me…those happy days…idk…that feeling is jz killing me inside…i wanted the whole 4 yrs of my clg wid them…i wanted more happy days wid them but…now noone is there to listen to me…i find it really hard to opn up to them…to tell them that i want them to listen to me 4 some tym…

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Thank you❤🙂

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