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Nitesh @niranjannitesh

Most people of our generation have only heard about crises from history books or stories. But as now COVID-19 has shown what it can cause on a global level. I think now we can perceive what a more influential crisis can do to us.
As Tony said in Avengers: “That up there, that’s the endgame”.
and that endgame can be anything from global warming to simply just overpopulating the earth.
We may be the smartest species on earth but that doesn’t make us invulnerable.

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Bani Singh @banisinghvasir

Thinking that we’re not vulnerable, makes us blindsided.


Actually I feel like the earth is coming to an end. What scares me most is we can’t do anything to prevent it. WE boast of technologies, of innovations, of game changers, of breakthroughs and countless other superlatives to show we are a race to be proud of and also feel safe about. Why are we so helpless? whats these developments around us all about? Are we as human fulfilling our obligations and duties honestly or are we deceiving the mother nature.? Why are we so self centered and eccentric at times with our behaviors. Who will show us the way? Are we waiting for a new God?

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Nitesh @niranjannitesh

That’s a quite interesting question.

If we look closely to other life forms on earth, for sure we can boast about all those things.
We as a human just wanted things to get better and we tried to make it better and here we are.

Also, humans are part of nature. We weren’t put on earth from somewhere else, we actually grew up and evolved here with everything else.

Curiosity is a human’s curse and the blessing at the same time.

Yes, we do have come so far but still we don’t have everything figured out.
There are things that we can’t control such as probability or commonly know as luck.
But at the same time there are many things we can control.
My post was just a warning/expression on those.

About God
I think that the problem is we see God as a creature or a human figure guiding us through our problems controlling the universe (in a way if we pray enough things will be changed for us).
But what if God just created us and left to run on its own. Or we are just part of a computer simulation of someone trying to study evolution.

I am not an atheist, it just that I see god in a different way than others.
Also, I am not someone who knows everything this is how I see things.
You have every single right to disagree with me.


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