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Mental health… I find myself having more and more moments where I think that every single issue with mental health just boils down to pain and pain management. If you are not mentalle unwell you have not gone through as much pain, or you are better at pain management. When you find yourself thinking “I would never do that” it is the same as saying “I have not been through that much pain.”

I hate how society is build to punish, not heal those who have gone through pain. I wonder if it would ever change and what kind of tomorrow we could see with the entire human race being cured. Maybe it would be glorious, maybe it would be horrifying. I just wish I could see it.

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Simran Patel @simranpatel

I just think mental heath issues arise as an outcome of the battle that we fight with ourselves because of what surrounds us. People. Situations. Changing environment. And everything that is around us. While society will always make you want to fit in, it shouldn’t control your emotions.


You are so right about how society is built to punish and not heal who have gone through pain. I wish that atleast people would start talking about their issues and problems. Starting the conversation is so important and the first step towards healing. Oh I’m sure it’ll be glorious if that happens.


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