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me and my boyfriend were doing ldr things. we dont fight actually. everything doing good. both of us have our own path. Im currently further studies meanwhile he’s work. so during the day, both of us doing our things meanwhile, during night, we usually on the phone untill sleepcall every night ( he willing and request these). the problem is im miss him so much and i cant wait for the night . i feel like i wanna random call him during day but im afraid i will bother him during his work time. so during the day, we usually do simple chit chat. thats it. what i supposed to do?

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Mayank @true_who

Does he reciprocate the same?? May be not coz according to his pov if he will then it will bother you as similar in ur pov …that’s the maturity…

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David @davidcr7

Respect his work hours and busy yourself with something so you won’t feel urge to call him.


Communicate with him what you feel and what you want to.


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