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Karthik Kumar @karthikkuma...

Maut aaye par aise din kisi ko na aaye…😢 I have been so unlucky and it seems like the gods and goddesses out there don’t want me to live and be happy. I can’t believe what’s happening to me right now. I got relief for 5 days and now I’m back to hell. Maybe I was born on such a cursed and bad day of that year. I can’t believe that not a single thing has gone in my favor in the last 12 years.

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Karthik Kumar @karthikkuma...

I sympathize with what you have suffered. These difficulties can suck the life out of you. There is no hope and light ahead. Every time you hope for a change, you are disappointed again. I have given up on hope and the future. Darkness engulfs me. These struggles have taken out all my emotions, ambitions, and energy. I am barely alive.


Hey, I won’t say don’t worry because that won’t happen. So just for the moment try to acknowledge what your emotions are how your life is!! And just accept it! And try to look back and see what has changed and improved! I know life sometimes gets unbearable and you just feel like not living it. But trust that is not the solution to anything!! JUST REMEMBER WHATEVER YOUR SITUATION IS RIGHT NOW IS NOT YOUR WHOLE STORY. ITS ONLY A PART OF IT. YOU CAN CHANGE IT MAKE IT BETTER!! try to share more if possible!!!


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