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Loneliness through deliberate separation from others.

Currently, I am in an environment that I have outgrown quite a bit. I am at uni and have changed so much as a person that I no longer fit in with those around me. I went from partying every other day to becoming committed to sports and self-improvement.

Although I still have friends around me, it’s hard not to feel isolated. I know this feeling may be temporary but it doesn’t make it any less of an issue. The isolation has driven me to this website as a form of expression since I feel less connected to those I was once very close with.

Any thoughts on how to cope with fitting into the new standards I am setting for myself?

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When you change, your surroundings change too. It’s natural flow of things.

As for feeling lonely, you’ll eventually make new friends. Sure, don’t ditch the old ones who still want to spend time with you.


Thanks, this puts a new perspective on things


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