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Life’s a roller coster . Getting ditched by my first girlfriend legit changed me , there was an anger which resulted in cheating other girls . I’m full guilty for that i got cheated on and i cheated on . Yet today i got rejected again it’s like i get girls which i don’t want and i get rejected by those who i really really want :) but thank god that today i made a choice . I realise that i was begging someone to love me . Well i can do it myself and i will do it myself . I’m focused person and yes i’ve fucking big goals this love subject is like 5% in my life but sometimes it just takeover myself but now it will not
Thank god ;)

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Archi @archi

I felt the same way after my first break up, when my then boyfriend cheated on me. I thought I would also cheat on my next boyfriend out of the anger but I did not have the heart to do it because I didn’t want to hurt him because i knew what it felt like. best to not stress out about love. it will happen when it has to happen, no one can force it upon anyone. one can only focus on what is in one’s control . and sometimes i feel good that my relationship ended with my first boyfriend. these things happen fo the best. your first girlfriend was not the one for you if she ditched you, or maybe who knows if she was also been dumped by her first boyfriend. it’s good that you are focused in your life. your goals will take you places and make you meet better people, more deserving people. good luck :)

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Now&Me @nowandme

We love the determination ! You’ll surely find someone who appreciates you. We couldn’t agree more with what Archi said.

Thomas @thomas

Focus on yourself and your ambitions bro. That’s what really matters. Build yourself


Take a break , work on yourself. If someone’s meant to be for you , she’ll find her way to you.


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