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lately, this past few days, I often have anxiety and I am very exhausted in school works now. Everyday, they give a lot of homeworks and quizzes. I dont know how can I manage my time cause its really a lot. I dont even have time for myself anymore. I need an academic break, even just a week cause school is draining me.

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant


I am doing 4 online courses right now personally, and work full time! So, what works for me, is just pushing myself to get my time off even if it’s 30 minutes. Don’t drain yourself too much. For 24 hours, spare at least an hour for yourself. Watch movies, show, exercise, talk to someone who makes you feel better in that time period.
And overall, try to layout your due dates, like put them in a calendar: What is due on what day? And quiz information, so that helps you to prioritize your stuff. Plan zoom calls for group studies. Just study together to make it feel like you are interacting and understanding more.
Don’t forget that this time will pass by and you will be doing great!


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