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Kyu mujhe mere career se judge krte ho yar. Kyu meri job ko hi meri pehchan mante hai sab log. Bhai mai usse bahut alag hu. Mujhe Jaan to lo at least tum logo ne kyu ye beauty standards aur career standards set karke rakha hai. At least I earn for myself and I can manage my own food and clothes and expenses. Sometimes I feel I am too different to be in this world. And it’s too difficult to adjust with such people. Mai school alumni days par nhi jati, dosto ki shadi me nhi jati, kyu? Kyuki wha mujhe Aisa lgta hai log fir se judge karenge kon kaha kon si post par hai etc etc. I don’t really like it. Kabhi kabhi ye saari life bojh jaise lagne lagti hai. Nhi fit hona hai mujhe kisi k paimano par. Han nhi hu mai acchi to thik hai na… kuch log nhi hote acche. Mat Karo mujhse comparison. Mai khush hu jaisi bhi hu. Let me be in my own way.

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Kush @kush_v_07


Idk what to say tumne abhi tk sb advice sunn li hogi ya sb advice khud ko he de di hogi… but I would say stay happy mu friendπŸ«‚

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Harmanpreet K. @harmanpree...


Relax dear soul.!!
Remember, God has made everyone different and unique and given us our own interests. Furthermore, if people do not understand your uniqueness then its their problem not yours. But the most important thing in this whole mess is that you should understand and respect your own uniqueness and abilities and how it makes your different from all.
I hope it helps you out in some way,
Good Luck Dear Soul,
Harmanpreet K


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