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Vishal Reddy @being_rebel

Kuch kehana hain tumse
Pehla akhri pyar ki zikir karna hain tumse

Dekha hain pehle bhi bhaut si muskusratten
Par aisi apsara ka aksh toh dika he nehi
Baki toh sajate hain apni laaliyat dikhane
Par Tumare muskan pe he hazaron katal hue hain kahi
Illzam bhi hain tum pe ki nazaron mein nasha kele challti ho
Kabhi humare jism mein bhi uttarke dekho ki humare dil mein tum baasi toh nehi
Pigal gayi hain sakti humari dekha hain tume jabse

Kuch kehana hain tumse
Tumhe chupake rakhna hain tumse

Khushboo se tum dil behelati, itmenaan ka ihsas dela ke
Talab se jo tum hume taddpaati, baahe teri sukoon ke
Roop teri jo aankheen bharti, husn se chuuti rooh humare
Adhoore pyaar ke laakhon dewaane intazar mein hain tumare
Phir bhi koi chura na saka woh pakeezgi uss paani se
Naseeb tha shayad jo mila diya mujhe uss sish mehel ke rani se
Kash tum phele hi mile hote , toh dil na thoot ta kisi aur se

Kuch kehena hain tumse
Samet lo mujhe ki thoot chuka hoon pehle se

Puchti hain woh har bar ki mere charo aur anderi kyu hain,
Bhalla Zindagi itni bhi mushkil kyu hain,
Kaise bataon unnhe ki woh khud meri chand ki Noor hain,
Takleef se tadapke nikli hue Kohinoor hain.
Tumare hoto ke paas jo til hai woh ujala hain
Phela ishq zakam tha toh akhri ishq malham hain.
Thoote Dillon se hi toh Mohobat zinda rehti , bewafaon toh thoodne mein haasil hain kabse

Kuch kehena hain tumse
Jeene ka tamana hain tumse

Nashe mein likhdu woh baat nehi ho tum
Adoora shabd hoon main pura shayari ho tum
Kya batayon ki mere liye kya ho tum
Dil ki dhankan ho tum ya mera hoorur
Rooh ke sukoon ho tum ya koi fitoor
Khayalko se zyada saanson mein bassti ho tum
Pyaar se zyada mere liye zindagi ho tum
Yakeen nehi hota ki dewaana hua hain dil phir se

Kuch kehena hain tumse
Zindagi ke wade nibhana hain tumse

Lagata hain tum nehi toh dhadkan bhi nehi
Tumare Bina zindagi bhi nehi
Tumari badti ummar mere baho mein ho
Aur mera mehenge khawab tumare aakon mein ho
Har ladai mein tumse haarun bass tumari jeet ke liye
Yahi jeet hain meri zindagi ke liye
Sochta hoon ki Mujhe toh tumse bhi pehle marna hoga,
Kyu ki waha bhi tumare liye mujhe jannat sajana hoga
Par tum toh saath ho mere chand raath ke jaise

Kuch kehena hain tumse
Maut ke baad ka bhi saath maangna hain tumse

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