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Just want to go somewhere far away from all This fake world… Just want to go far away from depression, anxiety
rejections, body shaming, betrayed from loved ones which I trusted the most…one thing I learned from this life that if are not beautiful you are not allowed to be loved or be in love

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Rashmi @rashmimalhotra

No matter how you look, It depends on how to think of yourself.  Other people surely gonna make comments on you . But what matters is that how you think of yourself, your confidence.  If you think that you are beautiful just the way you are then you are not going to care about other says but if you don’t love yourself the way you are then you are not going to be satisfied no matter how you look and try to copy others etc. Beautiful is not a thing ,it a feeling about how you feel. If you want to feel beautiful love yourself the way you are. ?


I know how you feel. I feel and have felt the same way too. Especially the running away part, I feel that all the time. But one difference that I felt is, the right kind of person makes you feel loved no matter what. No matter how ugly, how sick, or how underdressed you are. And the wrong person can make the most beautiful person feel conscious of themselves, to them there will always be some flaw. Trust me, I have been with both these people, and have felt it. I know you are hurt right now, but don’t question your beauty, you are beautiful in your own way. And I just want you to not give up on some good people that DO exist, unlike these a-holes who project their insecurities onto us.


Ya I Don’t want to lose hope…but there are sometimes you can’t handle rejections,that Time need someone to talk to open your mind., sadly not having someone like that not even best friend nor family… it’s so difficult sitting at home not earning anything… seeing others gifting their parents some or the other things, Just makes me feel low. I start thinking till now what i have given to my parents… they are working hard to make me happy…nd I cant even give them that life which they need

Grass @grass

Hey i don’t know how u look but I think in today’s world ,looks doesn’t matter what matters most is ur talent , so just choose one goal , give ur best to achieve it , and prove ur self .
#Belief in ur capabilities.i know u can .


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