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Just wanna share how I feel and suffer. recently I got so depressed. I had very bad childhood and toxic parents even no friends my life was totally hell but after lot of pain one day everything changed a new person a good friend entered in my life and she gave me everything care,love,support I was so happy quickly 5 year’s went I traveled with her , I liked her so much she is everything to me . Our care and love was so pure we where very good friend never thought to move next level . From the beginning I know one day she will leave me and everything will not be same as before that day also came she got married stated a new life.I really feel happy for here . But I miss her lot my life stated falling again . Back to hell but now it’s even worst…

I just wanna share this sorry if I said anything wrong.

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Don’t worry bro you are gonna be alright just remember if it’s not her then someone else will be there after a while.


I hope things will change soon . thanks ❤️


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