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ive unfortunately inherited some questionable qualities from my ancestors, one might refer to them as ‘anger issues’. it’s funny how normalised being angry seems to someone with anger issues. but ill be honest, there’s a ton of regret later once you realise what you’ve said/done. one thing ive thankfully learnt is that if you breathe , for just a little bit, if you focus on your breathing and calm yourself down , you’re able to clear your mind of the trash thoughts that implore you to act irrationally. by letting it go and trying to focus on positive things, you’re able to regain your perspective and make better decisions.

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I felt like I completely relate to this on a spiritual level. when i was a teenager, i was extremely angry, but not like in an angry all the time sort of way. But more like if something got on my wrong foot, I could say something pretty nasty or even some things here and there in that anger, just to sort of give an outlet to my anger. I don’t know if that is a cause for concern, because i am not aggressive by nature and I’ve never hit anyone or anything like that. and i agree about the regret part, and also the need to calm down. my mother says that harsh words are like an arrow that has been shot, once you’ve said them, there’s no taking them back


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