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I’ve recently gotten acne and it’s my insecurity. My mother taunts me about it like it’s my fault somehow. It’s the damned pollution , the PCOS , the stress etc.

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Afreen @afreen

Take D’acne or Tretiva 10 MG once a day it will go away plus it doesn’t have any side effects.
It’s only not advised for pregnant woman

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Kavya Ganesh @kavyaganesh

Acne is like a rite of passage when you’re a teenager, but that doesn’t stop it from making us feel bad. I would suggest you to read up on acne, to understand the reasons for it, and even finding out the triggers, so that you could prevent it.
While your mom plays an important part in your life, your mom’s opinion of your body is not a reflection of you. Always remember that, as that goes for any person in your life, other than yourself.

Do get a thyroid checkup, an appointment with a dermatologist for the acne, and a gynecologist if your periods are becoming irregular, say by a few weeks or so.

Hang in there, sweetie. This ride will come to an end soon :))

Kashika @kashika

Haha acne is the most common thing during teenage, it’s completely fine. It’s mostly hormonal, and can be triggered by the environmental agents. There’s nothing to worry about. Search for some home remedies and you’ll be good to go!


I cant get rid of mine ? already 2 years even though they arent too much but I wish to have clear skin . Thats the thing Im missing to feel better. I went ro dermatologist and my face got better u shoud go too , bcoz the problem could be from inside your body )) . Good luck with it ?


when i was in high school i thought this acne would clear up but here we are 26 and still suffering

No one 111 @jarul

I genuinely haven’t seen any other generation in their 20s with acne. Like its just us

Gaurvi Narang @gaurvinaran...

A lot happens externally and within our bodies! It is completely natural. Just do what you can to keep your skin clean and try to eat healthy. I have PCOS too so I know what you mean!


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