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I’ve never really talked about how I’m feeling but I want t ok give it a go. I’m just so confused and down like this past year and a half has just made things a lot worse. My parent’s true intentions was revealed and i feel like I’ve learned all my friend’s true personalities. I’ve been struggling feeling down and just lost motivation then sometimes out of nowhere I would get really happy and excited and start coming up with stuff and buying thing to improve myself (a lot of gym stuff). But then I would get down again and would cut myself, cause that’s the only thing that relaxes me and something I can focus on. I just get so stressed about my job but then i just wish they would fire me. I feel like that’s the last thing keeping me here. And i don’t want to let anyone down.

Btw I put trigger warning cause I don’t know better safe then sorry.

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Hey Dear, I hope you are feeling much better after sharing your thoughts here :) Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It simply means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections of life. Always remember, you are braver than you believe. Stronger than you seem. Smarter than you think. And twice as beautiful as you’d ever imagined. I believe in you, most importantly, love you! hugs~


Hey there,

It seems like I have posted this. Agreeing with the first comment. Your body is precious. Don’t even think of hurting it anymore. You don’t need those scars on your body when you get ripped AF. 😉
I know it hurts now but know that this is only a phase of your life. Which will go away. Isn’t it great that you are working on yourself now? Try working out if you feel stressed, that should help you relax. Channel that energy into something that can improve you.
Regarding job, try to find out what you actually like and see if you can make your way from your current profession towards your goal. Times are difficult now and switching profession is hard. Use this time to develop something that will help you in your next profession. Courses are out there on the internet you can develop skills and start applying.
About people, you can’t choose your family. No matter what they have done, they will be your family. I know it’s hard but forgive them. You don’t have to trust them or agree with them on everything. But be nice to them as there will come a time when they won’t be around. Life is short you know.
Good thing about friends is that you can pick who gets to be one of them. If someone is toxic, leave their friendship. Don’t stress yourself about it. World is populated enough you will find more reliable people.
There are self help videos on Youtube where people teach you how to be comfortable with your own thoughts in your own space. You know what that means? You will be able to be on your own without the need of anyone else. You’ll be your own best friend. Once you reach this level, nobody can disappoint you!
Try to break this loop of self destruction. You can work and turn yourself into the best version of yourself! Trust me it feels awesome! You’ll be too busy being sexy, both physically and mentally, to give a damn about what others do.
Try that out and share with us if it helps. Hope you stay strong. Take care 😇


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