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I’ve been struggling to go to school and to even take online lessons. I have been shouted at by my English teacher a few times and it was quite traumatizing. He has a good reputation as a good but strict teacher, who has been in the school for a very long time. One time, I told my mum complained to the school that he was shouting at me for not much reason, but the teachers didn’t really take any of it seriously because of his reputation. Even the teachers that I trusted seemed to think that I was a drama queen. I just felt that the reasons I got told off for were really not that big of a deal and the way he says things is so so critical and cold and scary. One time I was injured, I was going to the doctors every week and I had English class on thursdays and mondays. It just happened to be that the days I went to the doctors was Thursday’s and mondays. I skipped quite a few lessons and I made sure to email him when I was off, but I still got shouted at and told that he was under the implication that I was purposely choosing those days to go to the doctors because I was avoiding the work.
I can’t tell if I dislike English because of the teacher or because I am genuinely not good at it.
I get extremely nervous before the lessons and even for online lessons. I don’t think that should be how it is, but if I talk about it to anyone, all everybody says is “is he really that bad?” and every time I get said that I feel less confident in speaking my emotions and struggles.
I had an online lesson today but I didn’t join the lesson because I think I got too anxious, but I’m not quite sure from where I can call it anxiety because I don’t want to hurt people who really struggle with it.
I think because I’m not enjoying the English lessons, my grades are or that good and it starts to affect other subjects too because just the thought of having English lessons or having to do the homework is really hard. I’ve lost a lot of confidence and motivation due to it and I really don’t want to be thought to be exaggerating because I have tried many times to change my way of thinking and think that he is actually a good person and that the lessons are actually good, like I learn a lot from them. I know both of those facts are true but I still get anxious and scared of his critical comments. I’m not sure what to do.

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Hello there.

I think a lot of teachers are under a lot of pressure to ensure that their students absorb as much information correctly as possible.

I can tell by your writing that yes, you are struggling in English. I wouldn’t go as far as saying perhaps you have ADHD or you are Dyslexic because I’m not an educator nor am I someone who can assess that.

I think you need to contemplate on what exactly is it about this class that is causing you to struggle; take your teacher out of the equation. Perhaps then you may find the reason.

Keep us updated.

Good luck.


Sorry I forgot to mention that English is not my first language and my writing may not have been the best because I was really stressed and I was really just typing up everything I felt like saying at that time. So I’m pretty sure I don’t have any mental disorders.


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