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DSR @20y

I’ve been planning a trip with my boyfriend wherein he was going to come and visit me in the city where I study, it’s quite far from his city. We were supposed to spend some time together this Christmas and new year like around 10 days and also we both were so excited. He also booked his flight and he was so happy. But my family is going through bad financial issues I can’t explain, I thought I can manage somehow but it seems I can’t push it and hence I talked it out with him that we’ll have to cancel the trip because I’m incapable to spend any money and also I don’t want to be a burden on him. He got mad and It’s totally right because somewhere I saw it coming I should’ve let him know beforehand but i was trying to arrange the money until the very last but I couldn’t ofc. He didn’t say much, but i could feel he got sad and disappointed and i’m deeply hurt by this. We’re in a long distance relationship for more than a year now, we met in person thrice and those days i spent with him were so beautiful i can’t describe. We love each other so much and also there’s a good understanding between but somewhere we both want to stay together in person and when we get the opportunity we can’t miss it at any cost because long distance is not at all easy all we’re made of is strong love and high hopes always but when it breaks, it hurts a lot. I really wanted to be with him, he’s the only best friend i’ve ever had, i’m a loner without him. i thought i’ll get to spend christmas and new years with him, i’ll cook for him, feed him, take care of him atleast we’ll be together but we couldn’t make it this time. I’m mostly in a disturbed state of mind due to family problems, no friends, academic problems and other personality issues but with him, it’s all forgotten, he makes me feel like i’m the best and most beautiful person, he hypes me up, scold me for not taking care of myself, he cares for me a lot, i feel so good with him and talking to him. I really wished to see him even for a short period time but i really wanted to.

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Awww u guys are so cute and lovely. Please facetime him right now.


Long distance will have setbacks like this. Tell him you will go once your situation change. I’m sure he would understand. Be patient . Hope you get through this and see the better side.

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