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I’ve been likingy best friend since December but she started date this guy who’s totally her type he skates, plays roblox with her, and makes her laugh, I do the exact same thing like him but she chooses him, probably because I’m a girl and she doesn’t like girls, well I never told her that I like girls but it won’t matter to her either way. It’s now June 11 and their still dating… all those months they’ve been dating and I’m over here suffering badly, when we FaceTime and she talks about her boyfriend I have to act like I care and laugh it off, there’s some days that once she talks about him I cry but I show her that side of me because I’ll seem like I want attention. I would seem why she want him…he has the looks and he’s a skater boy every girls dream boy, it’s sucks cause I know I will never compare too him so for now on ima stay quite until they break up which is never cause their relationship is unbreakable. This is the only place I could let out all of what I’m feeling so thanks for reading this

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Sorry if my typing isn’t good, I’m shaking


hey its okay …!


there is something i would like to tell you , it not about the relationship between boy and girl or a girl and girl or boy and boy .
we are staying in a world were we have a freedom to express our feelings to anyone we want , at the same time they have a right to express their feeling too.
here the thing what you need to understand is the one whom you like is need not necessary to like you back in the same way .
in spite waiting for the people who are never going to come to you ( as the way you want ) accept it and move on .
you might meet someone else more better then this or more like the same way you wanted .
so , don’t worry
you don’t have to wait for the person who is not meant anything to you . 😃😃😃
i hope you will be having a great person in your future they might be waiting for you so move on …!


Move on
yes, move on dear. You cant hold on to something that hurts . If you move on atleast after few days/weeks/months/years you will find happiness. Waiting always sucks…


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