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I’ve been having conflicting and confusing emotions for the past few days.
A little backstory: Nearly a week or so ago my family and I rescued a kitten from outside our home. My understanding was that we were going to keep the cat indoors for a few days to keep her safe and warm before giving her to a family friend. The kitten has been in my sister and I’s room since that day. My mom got really attached to the kitten and she’s her to stay, but she’s been forced to stay in our room since. My sleeping schedule is gone and so in my daily norm. I didn’t think that would be an issue but it’s proven otherwise.

This is where everything started. About 4 days ago around 8-9 p.m I started to feel emotional. The first day I was able to get over it and move on, but it’s gotten to the point where I want to cry at any point in the day. I initially thought that it was because I got lonely at night, but even going downstairs and hanging out in the living room with my brother and parents doesn’t seem to do anything for me. It seems like all that I want to do is cry and I can’t pinpoint a reason for it anymore.

Is it the suddenness of the kitten? The stress? Or something else? I can’t seem to figure out.

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I guess it’s definitely not because of that cat. Do you like animals? Start playing with your cat. You’ll enjoy playing with her you’ll forget about your problems.
And about that loneliness and will to cry thing so, let me tell you it’s normal. Even it happens with me for no particular reason. Cry it out you’ll feel better for sure.

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I think it is a usual reaction to your change in routine. We, as human beings are wired to live with a pattern and once the presence of an external entity messes with our way of living, it makes it difficult for most of us to adjust. I would suggest you adapt the cat in your life like a normal being. The presence of another living being in your life could mean wonders in improving your mental health. That animal could be the reason you start loving yourself and your life all over again.
Try to stop treating that cat like something you picked from outside the house, treat it like a life you saved, treat it like an achievement because making someone’s life better is the best thing a human being can ever do for himself.


First things first its okay to cry. Make sure you don’t bottle up your emotions. Don’t ignore the fact that u were sad. Tell this to someone you trust and you will feel better. Probably you will start to think negative, at that time just remember that you are an awesome person even if u don’t believe, you will get it someday. Know that YOU MATTER. Stay happy. :)


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