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I’ve been frustrated all day because the guy I like (A) is going through horrible things but there is nothing I can do to help him. I have liked him for almost a year now and am frustrated by the fact that I cant get him out of my mind! I am frustrated that even when I just live my life he is always somehow around or involved without me trying but I cant do anything to care for him. I am also very frustrated by the fact that he is stuck in a horrible situation with a controlling family and cousin even though he is in college. I am frustrated because he is so cute and my gut says he likes me but it seems he will never be mine. I am frustrated because I cannot comfort him or help him in any way without worrying that it would be creepy. All I want to do is let him know that someone cares about him. That he has someone and somewhere on his corner that he can escape to and hide from his toxic family life. I am frustrated because his best friend (who is a girl who isn’t dating him but someone else) is treating me weirdly now that she knows I like him. Since we are the only two girl RAs at my college I needed her support because she wanted to hang out with A but I was nervous because I hadn’t seen him all summer and it was my first time seeing him this semester. I’m frustrated because she gets to hang out with him in his limited time and mom him but I don’t… I’m frustrated because I care but there is nothing I can do about it! Any advice pls tell… any hope pls help…

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I understand. Do you think there is any chance that A knows that you like him? Even if he doesn’t, don’t worry. Sometimes you need to be the one who has to make the first move to tell the other person that you have feelings for him. He is not a mind-reader, he will never know that you like him unless you go talk to him. I am not asking you to tell him directly that you like him, just go and introduce yourself, act like you don’t know that he even knows about you. Maybe all you need to do is talk to him?
Also, if the girl in this scenario makes it seem like she likes him too. There is no reason to be afraid. End of the day, it is him who has to choose, not her. Best thing to do is, talk to him, be friends with him. It will take time for him to come and share everything to you and only YOU but it might happen. Be confident. She doesn’t own him. But also remember, neither do you. You have to be YOU. JUST HOPE. Things will definitely work out for the better. Have a wonderful day!

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