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I’ve been away from home for 6+ months for Grad school and i hate what I’ve become. I’m going back home in 3 days for the summer and I’m terrified cause I don’t want my family to see the miserable, terrified, anxious and broken person I’ve become. I don’t want to be this person, I have never been this person. Anxiety attacks are a regular thing and I can’t get any work done and I feel disgusted because of it.

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lily hoagberg @lily2005

my advice is try talking to your family about this before visiting them again. i know for some people this is really difficult. but i think if you let them know whats going on they could help you get through this, and another thing is you should let them know so they arent as worried and or suprised

Luna Vi @lunalady

Grad school is a tough time for everyone. You don’t need to feel bad or feel like you’re failing for having a hard time. I know is not so easy, but try to remember this. And seek help! Seek professional help and even medication if needed, and most of all, try to open up to your loved ones about how hard this have been for you. I know sometimes that’s not so easy, but try and find some reliable person who you can talk to, that’s really important, you don’t have to face that alone. I’m saying that to you bc I wish I’ve heard this when I was in your shoes 5 years ago, I really wish I’ve been in therapy sooner, it really helped me a lot. Sending you lots of love and strength 💕


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