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I’ve always been a people pleaser. When it comes to friendships I give my 200% all the time. I go way out of my comfort zone to do something for my friends. But the point is do they even notice it? Have they noticed that I haven’t been myself for the past year ? Have they seen the sadness in my fake laughs like I always do? Heck they haven’t even noticed it when it was obvious. Then what’s the point in me going out of my comfort zone for such friends? The introvert in me is questioning making new friends when I don’t even feel comfortable around the only 2 friends I have. I always thought friendship was something beautiful that lights up your life. Never thought that I would think otherwise. But here we are. Never had a true friend, my relationship with my parents is fucked up cause they toxic as hell. What’s the point in living like this? I’m literally contemplating being alive. My body mind and everything feels heavy. Please tell me it gets easier.

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Divya @invisible001

It happens with mostly everyone ,the thing is you never know as you’re not seeing it barely what everyone is undergoing. It’s pretty normal. Some people make new friends just after their old friends leave them alone,while few people don’t need anyone at all as they believe in themselves and think they don’t need anybody to depend on for happiness. You need to let go of whatever bad you’re facing right now. Bad days come and go. Just don’t be sad for people who’ve left you in this situation. You will find true friendship soon, coz it is rare to get a genuine best friend who maintains integrity abt you n stays with you no matter what. And don’t regret when ur parents degrade you. Focus on your goal in life and prove them wrong.
You need hope to overcome every obstacle. Don’t give up!

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Anabelle @memadeline

As long as you’re a people pleaser you’re gonna do things that make other people happy and not what makes you happy. Leave this toxic behaviour. Don’t be a toxic person for yourself. Learn to love yourself first and enough to understand that you are not here to make anyone happy especially when it doesn’t give you anything in return but pain. Your life is for yourself first and the sooner you’ll understand this the sooner you’ll start your growth. In this mean era everyone does what they want then why should you please someone you don’t even know is a good person at heart or not. And when it comes to friendship if they don’t care about your fake smile then it means they don’t care about your sadness which means they are not true friends. Coz true and genuine friends don’t ignore such things. Be with people that make you happy that care about you enough to be with you in your sadness to motivate you through it. That’s true friendship. And you can find true friendship when you decide to leave the toxic ones behind. Trust me I’ve been there. Leave them life’s too short to be this sad. Do the things that make you happy learn to be ypur own happiness. Good people will come along it takes time just believe in yourself. It gets easier as long as you don’t give up. Best days come when you fight through your worst. Just believe in yourself thats most important for fighting everything.


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