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I’ve 2 problems. 1st is that I’m suffering from loneliness and second one is that I’m addicted to using phone for continuously and most of time I watch porn regularly. I watch porn two to three hours per day and masturbate 3 times in a week and I’m victim of nightfall also. I want to have sex but I’ve not any gf so my mind is always frustrated and I think wrong about girls who belongs to our family
Help me with ur proper guidance ASAP ty

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To overcome with the problem with loneliness the solution will be to spend time with your parents,families or friends and socialise or if not possible then figure out what you like doing and involve yourself into that or medidate,watch some movies, tv shows, read something, make new friends, try out something different which you have never ever tried, because of your loneliness you watch porn cz u have nothing to do and masturbating 2-3 times a week is fine but overdoing is unhealthy which makes you lazy the whole day and fatigueness also and no energy as well, normal nightfall is ok to have but having nightfall continuously is because your mind is on porn or girls, a nightfall happens when you watch something way too much it can be a girls photo,video or the girl herself and your mind keeps thinking about that while you are sleeping and you cant have control on that while sleeping and your brain during your sleep functions what you saw and results in nightfalls, You think wrong about your girls in family because you are addicted to it and if you see any girl you feel to masturbate or have sex cz your mind is in that direction only, try to divert your focus as told you above.

Awanish Yadav @awanishyada...

Thank you, ? I’ll try


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