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Ritadhwaj Ray @ritadhwajra...

It’s very very tough outside. These 2 years changed everything around. Extreme uncertainty. Work load is punishing. These 2 years have lost many friends, and came to a point, where it’s just me, work and a blank hope that does anyone of my friends remember me at all. I see them going out with the same group of friends 2 years back or of college times. It’s just me missing from all their activities. Before the pandemic, things were normal, I don’t know maybe I initiated the conversations most of the time that why I felt it’s normal. But when pandemic started things slowly slowly fell apart. One day I thought everytime I check on others, will they ever check on me if I didn’t start the conversation. The silence which started from that point, is still there. Not a single person checked on me. Every year it’s raining birthday wishes at midnight and through out the day. But after this pandemic started, the silence even continued on the birthdays. I don’t know how things will be after the pandemic days, but I wish I meet to someone who will not abandon me at the lows, and will be there for me even at the happiest days. I will stick to that person till his or her last day, promise to be with him or her in all the lowest and happiest moments all together.

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First of all why u don’t make yourself your own good friend cuz one day everybody left us but we r always with ourselves go do hangouts with your ownself pamper yourself or otherwise go back to your friends list and find that one person who is little bit nicer to you go talk to that person say hi start talking to that person u will start vibing with that person


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