It’s really hard to study when you’ve been exhausted mentally. You could stretch your back, walk around, and still feel incapable of continuing with the work, because mental peace and rest is more important than physical fitness in such matters.

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Afreen @afreen

I can completely relate with this.
But mate you know it’s you who has to change yourself get used to it/find some other way as at the end of the day it’s you who has to do anything in life/goal/achieve anything.
Something’s can really affect your mental health and bothers you /doesn’t give you peace of mind.
For such cases I would just say do what gives you happiness.
From 24hrs,take out 2-3 hrs for yourself follow your passion/do anything which gives you peace of mind.
Sleep for 7-8 hours everyday for full utilisation of yourself.It is very important for your mental as well as physical health.
Best wishes for your future.
Take care:)))

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