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Vishal Reddy @being_rebel

It’s okay to be not okay…! I feel being completely lonely here between the crowd of thousands. Everybody around are so busy to even me I’m fine. Being locked in a single room for days I feel scared even by a thought of going out. It’s been 3 years since I’m away from home and seriously nothing excites me anymore. I have friends, family and even a girlfriend but none have time to even ask how I’am. I feel sad for myself being drowned so much in the dark, from the past 3 years I haven’t celebrated anything be it festivals, birthday, New Years or any eve for I have nobody to celebrate with. It might feel to be too much of negativity but yes that’s the truth. My social life is completely fucked I hardly speak to anyone for 5minutes in a day and the rest of the day it’s just my talk to myself n my walls. There is sense of fear in me of nothing, tears flow down for hours for no reason, I don’t understand what’s going wrong with me. I’m even confused if I’m depressed or traumatised or disturbed or any fucking thing that exist in the world. But I know I seriously need some help. It’s not okay to be not really okay…!

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anuj @anujvohra

Yes it can be difficult if you are living like this …good part is your are aware about it. To start with, do physical activities,eg running or walking and learn meditation. It will help you heal. Also learn prayers. Do reconnect with friends, don’tset a timelimit of 5mins… good luck


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