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It’s like I’ve lost my self since 5 years , like I’ve been losing my self , i can’t feel anything , i can’t do anything even if I knw what I’m capable of , it’s like I’m trying to survive in this life , even I don’t knw what I’m doing in my life , i always feel like I’m not in my present and there are much more which I’m not able to write over here.

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Kash @kashhh

I can relate 🙂 But the thing is nobody can ever understand a person completely, even if he/her does, the time period is not for too long. I hope you start embracing little things around you and enjoy being YOU. Go in search of yourself, listen to music you love and try helping others, That’s life in the end 💘

Elegant Girl @shekhawat__


Elegant Girl @shekhawat__

Just start loving yourself…
Go on a trip …may be it helps you…
Explore the world…meet new people…
Don’t loose your life … because you are the only one who can make your life beautiful…
Have faith on God☺️


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